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Dynamic Components

DC Return Key Enabled


DC Return Key Enabled allows you to access form controls using the Return key instead of Tab. This way, you don’t have to switch between keys to enter codes, access controls, and navigate through your form. With DC Return Key Enabled, you can spend less time defining events and more time perfecting your application. Simple, Concise Programming It only takes ...

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DC Data Manager


DC Data Manger lets you navigate and manipulate your database records any way you want. This program is essentially a beefed-up version of DC Binding Recordset , Forget about coding the hard way – with Data Manger, you can add, save, delete, or edit data using only simple codes. Database Manipulation DC Data Manager lets you effortlessly navigate database records ...

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DC Help Authority


DC Help Authority is the only program that lets you Create context-sensitive F1-help from any point in your program. It helps you write multiple help topics, assign them to different areas, and link to them from anywhere, down to the smallest grid and column. With DC Help Authority, you can give your application a unique edge by making it more ...

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DC Data Entry Validator


DC Data Entry Validator is a program development solution that lets you check data entry according to your own preferences. It lets you validate text as you type, limit data to specific characters, and define your own restrictions. Customizable Entry DataEntry Validator can be set to accept numeric characters from 0 to 9, and alphabetic characters in upper and lower ...

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DC Binding Recordset


DC Binding Recordset is easily one of the first applications to let you manipulate data form in any way you want. This software integrates seamlessly into your project and lets you call the form functions whenever you need them – this way, don’t need to spend so much time creating about codes. Best of all, you can reuse DC Binding ...

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DC Form Translator


DC Form Translator is the only program that gives you multi-language functionality without rewriting your code or redesigning the entire form. It allows you to support Eastern languages and adapts your form design to accommodate foreign characters. Form Translator is perfect for programmers writing in multiple languages and trying to reach international markets. Automatic Translation Form Translator works by taking ...

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DC Form Flipper


DC Form Flipper is the perfect program for those who write multi-language applications. This COM-based software adjusts your form’s alignment and orientation to support languages that use nonstandard layouts, such as right to left. It is designed to work with Form Translator, which automatically translates a finished form into languages. With Form Flipper, you can easily sell your application to international ...

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DC Image Button


DC Image Button is the only program that gives you full control over your application’s interface. Give your program a creative boost by adding your own graphic buttons, icons, and images. Offering quick integration, simple codes, and easy setup, Image Button can suit any project, from simple games to high-end utility programs. With Image Button, it’s easy to make the most user-friendly program ...

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DC Dynamic Report

dynamic report

DC Dynamic Report is a breakthrough programming application that provides a front-end function for your application. It is the only program that lets you generate query reports in HTML from your database and design your own report page. With Dynamic Report, you can easily build an interactive application or website and better communicate your trade. Automatic Code Generation Using Dynamic Report is as easy as using WYSIWIG software. You don’t have to weave pages ...

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DC Application Protector


DC Application Protector allows you to protect windows-executable trial versions of your software against piracy. this program is a great tool for software developers who want the best protection against piracy, but do not want to code their own encryption. With an easy to use interface, excellent security features, and easy compatibility, Application Protector may well become every software developer’s best ...

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